The Coronary Atlas team

The Coronary Atlas is the collective effort of several researchers and clinicians.

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Dr Susann Beier

Principal investigator and Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) – find out about her group here

Professor John Ormiston

Interventional cardiologist and director of Intra Care

Professor Mark Webster

Interventional cardiologist 

Professor Alistair Young

Medical imaging and AI expert at Kings College London 

Associate Professor Brett Cowan

Chief Scientist at the Institute for Environmental Science and Research 

Dr John Cater

Expert in fluid dynamics at the University of Auckland

Dr Stuart Norris 

Fluid dynamics and aerodynamics at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Auckland


Sina Masoud-Ansari

Research IT Specialist at Centre for eResearch, University of Auckland

Kaitlin Logie

Research assistant and Computer Science/Biological Science graduate

Professor Mark Gahegan

Director of the Centre for eResearch, machine learning expert

Dr Pau Medrano-Gracia

Anatomical and statistical models expert at the University of Auckland


Dr Chris Ellis 

Cardiologist at the Auckland City Hospital and Auckland Heart Group/ Intra Care


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